When you are born her eyes look in on you

Her heart teaches you that the first word is love

Her hands show you what to do and how to be.

Her attention teaches you to hear and how to see.

Each day you learn her smile

It fills you throughout each mile

When you remember her it takes you there

To a place filled with her care.

Her love is unconditional

It lasts through every lifetime

And when she is gone even then it remains

To whisper in your hearts always the same.

As you grow you may think

That you need her less

But she needs you more

And that's the way it is.

So many smiles has she to share

So many kind words to lift you up

So many lessons to teach you where

So many hugs to remember her there.

For her there are flowers today

For her we stop and remember the way

For her we are children that play

For her this is her special day.

Mother for everything I can never repay

For all that you have given to say

Throughout the life that is mine today

Yes I thank you for every single way.

Thank you for holding my hand.

Thank you for cookies and cakes.

Thank you for wisdom in need

Thank you for books that you read.

Thank you for telling me right from wrong

Thank you for teaching me a song.

Thank you for being there all along

Thank you for making me belong.

Sometimes your heart forgets to fly

But that’s okay just give it a day

Even when your dreams are passing by

No worries let them go on their way.

For you are everything you know

Not even a moment can escape your touch

And all the love inside you will show

That you are treasured so very much.

So take this hand and walk with me

And I’ll show you the visions above

Each perfect star that you will see

Has your name there filled with love.

How can this be you might ask?

How could I so small matter at all?

It is meant for you to take on such a task

And without you there is nothing to call.

Beautiful like moonbeams sparkle and shine

Smiles that you give precious beyond compare

If not for you there would be nothing to find

So look inside and begin your treasures are there.

Someone who loves you, someone who loves you

Someone who loves you infinitely past all time.



**Your Vision**

May your visions be fulfilled and your heart’s aim be true

To let love work its miracles everywhere there is you.

In quiet moments let inspiration fill you with its light

And may your days whisper softly singing into the night.

Where the scene changes let there be revelations bold and new

That cause your thoughts to leap with excitement through and through

And your best moments to come lining up to see what you can do

With the greatest of wings flying over this moment right on cue.

I mean this to tell you to rise up passing far beyond

Those rippling waters that course from the pond

Where fairies know enchantments that whisper to know

The secret to happiness letting feelings flow.

This is for you then to look forward and to remember

That every single sight you look upon flows from this December

You are making this happen master of your own fate

Let go of all else and above all don’t wait.

Here for you right in this moment of your choice.

If this isn’t enough ask for more.


12-14-07 Mark Siet

**No Ordinary Day**

In the forest the stream ripples and the birds twitter while the wind sways.

On the oceans the boats rock catching the groove flowing through the days

Here within the voice whispers all the time growing with song and delight.

Taking me back to where I’ve come from there where the love shines in my sight.

I call back myself to myself I am glad.

It is of course a perfect fit.

Yes this is who I am I might add

And then in wonder meditation I sit.

The rolling hills reveal the mills that are grinding out life’s ups and downs

But not for me for I’ve declared my world full of harmonious sounds.

Pictures I see are on the screen to show and reveal their truth to all.

Parts are cast metaphors to last the director fast to make her call.

There the power in the sky

To know the reason is why

We move from here to there.

Never wondering where.

This isn’t just another ordinary day.


12-07-07 Mark Siet


Let me speak to you now from the heart

He said to her then as she began to start

A painting full of color and magical themes

As he was drawn into scenes there in his dreams.

Even the thought of you is oh so close

He called from within to say the most

Amazing thing that you’ve ever known

Are those flying feelings that you have shown.

I feel so easy just thinking about you

In this landscape I’m in that makes it true.

A whisper and then another color appears

As he holds her so close then the vision clears

Revealing such magical things that rise above

He knows they are from her filled with her love.

She dances with her smiles and warms with her glow

So happiness fills his heart so that he may know.

That wisdom so precious is there then in mind

And is welcomed as a lover throughout all of time.

There will always be more of sweet loves inner voice.

Feel me now she says whisper in time to making your choice.