Your High Estate

High Estate

Consider your high estate.  This is where the realm of holiness resides.  It is everywhere around you and yet without your attention is inaccessible to you.  In a sense this represents a paradox because when you pray above or to God you are in reality never going outside of yourself.  The change that prayer brings is a change in direction but more accurately can be said to be a change of attention.

The key to this change of attention is a persistence of effort that transcends even those prayers that are spoken each day because without a definite direction in mind your prayers reside without the connecting link above.  This connecting link has always been the Shekinah spoken of as the Divine Presence but realized as the "proof of Divine Presence." This proof comes down to a feeling of knowing within that you are there.

Now it may be possible at times of miraculous intervention to point to events outside and say here is proof of God, however, the Shekinah is always there to prove within your higher nature or your high estate.  Once having experienced this proof it is only a matter of remembering this experience and striving for it time and again.  This striving is simply your intention to become aware of your high estate at all times and to live your life according to its direction.

The study of Kabbalah is the study of the language of heaven.  This language of heaven may be found in the permutations of the Hebrew letters or the meanings you find or are shown in Torah.  Essentially just as a child learns the vocabulary of speech in order to express himself so too does the seeker of God learn the language of God in order to express his high estate,

What is it that language does?  It describes and points the direction for the next moment to be experienced. When you describe things it allows you to have reference point whereby you may start from or come back to.  This reference point in prayer must always be your high estate so that your prayers are directed always on high with a purpose and a definite direction.

Another thing that speech intensifies is your sense of sight within.  By experiencing the 'proof of presence' within you may then be guided in the direction that you send or intend your prayers to follow.  Without this sense of direction it might seem like your prayers are sometimes answered and other times they are not or if they are there is a long delay in time.  This time delay may be circumvented by being aware of your estate on high both during prayer and following its completion.

So does this mean that we should be aware of our 'estate on high' continuously?  Think about it this way.  Creation is continuous.  It never ceases to become itself.  In order then to speak the language of God we must be aware of God at all times.  Then our thoughts and speech are directed on high and our holiness then becomes a matter of attention and not subject to chance.