We will continue the conversation concerning connection.  Connection is what we aspire to; achieving it means everything a near miss nothing.  In Kabbalah the symbol for connection is Shekinah or in the Aramaic Shekhinta.  This is the feminine aspect of deity and yet a division between male and female is purely arbitrary since to know one is to know the other.  Still for the goal of highlighting this aspect of connection we characterize the feminine influence of Shekhinta as connection.  We understand that in order to become one with something we have to take on both its inner and outer aspects.

The purpose of one is to have a completely unified awareness and to focus that  awareness at will. What this means is that our thoughts are to revolve around a singular idea.  Now this singular idea however, is constantly expanding. In other words it is always becoming more than the sum of its parts.  It doesn't matter what we call this singular idea.  What is of paramount importance is that we constantly remember this singular idea.  We place into this singular idea all the power that ever was or will be.

We are always building within consciousness. This is a fundamental principle. In fact the aspect of taking something from nothing is the template upon which all creation is based. It is therefore movement that takes place via relationship. And in this way we say that is very much the going of one thing into another.  This is how connection is defined.

Our specific direction where to start is determined by our awareness.  For example when you want to find an apple you first look for the tree. The principle is that you look for the thing which produces the object desired. Precisely put you see connection as an unaltered state of evolving consciousness.  It is the kernel the seed the starting point that is of prime importance.

Once you depart from that starting point everything else is meant to promote fulfillment of being.  It is the pouring of the mold and its filling all rolled into the one singular idea.  Therefore when you see the symbols of Kabbalah recognize that they are place holders for the awareness that is rising in its comprehension of things that cannot be seen and yet they may be experienced in countless ways that describe the perception above. One of these ways of experience is Shekhinta.  When this idea is focused upon the ensuing connection takes place in various ways through prayer, mitzvoth, synchronicity and a direct knowing that gives the awareness of unity renewed meaning.

It turns out then that what we are seeking is connection because it is via connection that our unfettered consciousness is linked with the unified consciousness.  In this way our lives are expanded and our purpose made holy. B"H.