Tikkunei Zohar Revealed


Now available the first ever complete English Commentary of the Tikkunei Zohar.   Enter into the continuing revelation of Torah.

What you will find inside...

Translations of parts of all seventy Tikkunim, Translations of parts of all 148 sections including both a and b sides.

Commentary that covers these sections and Tikkunim that spans the entire text of Tikkunei Zohar.  The commentary explains the obscure passages and links them with modern mystical thought.

Learn the how and why of prayer and the deeper meanings of Torah.

This study in consciousness is meant for Torah Scholar and lay person, Rabbi and student, seeker and way shower.

BEREISHIS: בראשית  There are seventy permutations of this word and a series of explanations that unify these permutations with verses of Torah and with the mystical concepts of Kabbalah.

SHEKINAH: SHE is the connection that runs throughout the text and commentary. 

MASKILIM: These are the enlightened that is the audience for TIkkunei Zohar.  All questions and answered are directed toward them.

ELIJAH:  This is the primary teacher  who appears at the start of Rabbi ShImon bar Yochai’s entrance into the cave.

RABBI Shimon bar Yochai:  He is both student and teacher here along with his son ELEAZAR.

Tikkunei Zohar Revealed

EZEKIEL: His vision is discussed in detail, the chayot, nogah, the four animals including man and their relationship above and below.

SEPHIROS: The ten emanations are linked together throughout the four worlds all with the connecting link of Shekinah.

The Divine Name YKV”K is explained with its variations and each letter is given attributes of holiness, Yud, Hei, Vav, Hei, and ADNY is discussed along with the dual divine name, YAKDVNKY.

ELKY”M:  Creation comes into being in a certain way and this divine name holds the key to the answer to ‘the way things work.  This is a recurrent theme throughout.

ANA BEKOACH: The 42 letter name of God amidst all of its various connections, the spiritual significance and the unique letter combinations.

72 Names of God linking to letter combinations and Torah verses.

The Looking Glass That Shines:  A concept that illustrates divine awareness in each moment.

Shabbat:  The seventh day, the extra soul, the spiritual significance of this holy day is expanded here.

Nephesh, Ruach, & Neshamah are given their place in the scheme of things. 

The 32 paths and the 50 gates are shown in their holy aspects.

Mishkan and Menorah their hidden meanings.

Mazal:  What is its significance?  Mysteries are revealed in depth here.

There is so much more.  653 pages of translations, commentary and questions that are answered leaving the reader with revelations that will make the meanings of Torah personal, fresh and applicable to everyday life.

Tikkunei Zohar Revealed

The SHMA, Oral and Written Torah, the Nikkudim, Cantillation tropes, Metatron, the Exile, are more of the many topics covered.

Excerpt from 15a:  The work of Creation differs. It is not spoken with two then there is no separation. Therefore just with one The Unique One (as a meditation on One)

Two implies a reflection a loop of sorts and an odd number signifies a progression. When there are only two the idea loop together rapidly deteriorating. When there are one or three the idea may progress. This is why discussing forbidden sexual relations or anything of evil has to be done with two so that the loop is contained and not allowed to grow. Conversely discussing holiness is with the Unique One and its extension three signifying the progression that Creation most naturally takes.

And one does not expound the Divine Chariot (merkavah) individually, because the Unique One has no partner, which is Metatro"n;like the divine soul, which has no partner in the body.  And why does it the Mishnah say: unless he was wise and discerning from his own knowledge'?

The apperception of the Unique One cannot be explained to another because it is experiential in nature. It exists apart as separate influences on consciousness. This realization comes from being wise and discerning in the discovery of those mysteries that bring this experience of the Unique One.


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